Simulation and Control of Dynamic Systems

Group description

The group works in two major lines: 1) Simulation of dynamic systems. This line includes the development of numerical integration methods known as Quantized State Systems (QSS), the analytical study of their theoretical properties and the development of software based on the PowerDEVS tool (created by the group) for its implementation and use in various simulation problems. 2) Analysis and control of dynamical systems. In this line we study the development of techniques for the analysis and design of nonlinear system controllers in the presence of disturbances. Asynchronous digital control methods using numerical approximation methods based on Quantized State Systems are also studied.



Dr. Ernesto Kofman

Investigador Principal de CONICET y Profesor Adjunto de UNR

Investigate in Técnicas de cuantificación en simulación y control de sistemas dinámicos.

investigacion_mas_sobre Ernesto

Ing. Andrés Vazquez Sieber

investigacion_mas_sobre Andrés



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