Software Engineering

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The goal of the Software Engineering Group is to improve the quality and efficiency in software development in our region. Through our involvement in the local production environment, we have noted that software development firms do not base their work on a few principles, techniques and basic tools to improve their products. These principles, techniques and tools could provide significant reductions in development and maintenance costs, and also substantial improvements in the quality of their products. To implement these concepts it is necessary: HR Training To develop the software tools that bring these concepts into the production environment To document in detail how to implement each of them in a production environment Therefore our group performs such activities in the following areas: Requirement engineering Architecture, design and software specification Testing based on formal models



Dr. Maximiliano Cristiá

Profesor Adjunto de UNR

Investigate in Ingeniería de software. Métodos formales.

investigacion_mas_sobre Maximiliano

Dr. Ricardo Katz

Investigador Independiente CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Ricardo



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