Fundamentals and Applications of Logic and Programming

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REPRESENTATION OF KNOWLEDGE AND REASONING This group works on one of its lines of research within the so-called symbolic Artificial Intelligence. Where the research work is developed in the following knowledge areas: Intelligent agents and systems, Agent logic architectures, Knowledge representation, Semantic tools, Approximate Reasoning, Agent negotiation based on argumentation, Information retrieval and collection, among others. These lines share the fact that there is a representation of knowledge that is made explicitly through some specification, which is usually based on some logic, in order to then be able to make deductions, reasoning from it. As applications we have worked in the development of Intelligent Systems in different domains. Particularly in Education, developing Systems that help manage repositories of educational resources, through Recommend Systems, Automatic Metadata Extraction and the use of Ontologies. There are also projects related to the integration of semantic tools for decision-making in the domain of Industry 4.0 and currently, an Assistance System for lawyers is being addressed by outlining the argumentation in legal cases. Many of the projects are carried out with the collaboration of the Intelligent Information Systems Group (FCEIA-UNR) and Latin American colleagues (LACLO network) and researchers from other institutions abroad. MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURES IN PROGRAMMING In the group we believe that the mathematical foundations of computing are closely linked to programming. Therefore, we study new techniques of structuring, calculating, and optimizing programs by studying the mathematical structures that support them. For this we rely on functional programming, related logics, and semantics based on category theory. In particular, we are investigating modularity in programming based on structures such as monads, arrows and applicative functors, and its application to the modular construction of interpreters, compilers, reactive functional programs and domain-specific languages, such as languages ​​for programming agents.



Dra. Ana Casali

Profesora Asociada de UNR

Investigate in Inteligencia artificial. Arquitectura de agentes. Sistemas multiagentes.

investigacion_mas_sobre Ana

Lic. Martín Arnaldo Ceresa

Becario Doctoral de CONICET y Auxiliar 1° UNR

investigacion_mas_sobre Martín Arnaldo

Dr. Mauro Jaskelioff

Investigador Adjunto de CONICET y Profesor Adjunto de UNR

investigacion_mas_sobre Mauro

Lic. Guido Martinez

Becario Doctoral - CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Guido

Lic. Dante Zanarini

Becario Doctoral - CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Dante



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