Computational Fluid Dynamics and Hydrodynamics

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The hydrographic basin conceptualization refers to a physical space defined by topographic and geological systems that allow territorial delimitation of a common drainage surface, where the physical-biotic and socioeconomic systems interact. The space of the hydrographic basins, within the process of rational administration of natural resources, should be taken as the planning unit within which the definition of the use of resources can be proposed and the effect that such use originates on the resources can be determined. own resources. The objective of a scientific research on the environment in these planning units is to detect problems, elaborate concepts, organize information and carry out analyzes that allow them to be improved. The Integrated Management of Water Resources is called upon to collaborate with this process. In this sense, the development of numerical methods applied to fluid dynamics, as well as the implementation of different computer techniques and software for each of the areas related to anthropic activities at the basin level, will serve as a systematized aid to solve the different problems that arise in the sustainable management of water resources through the implementation of computational tools integrated in a Decision Support System.



Dra. Margarita Portapila

Profesora Titular de UNR

Investigate in Dinámica de fluidos computacional. Transporte de contaminantes en aguas superficiales. Aguas subterráneas y medios porosos. Análisis de sistemas dispersos. Sistemas soportes de decisiones espaciales aplicados a la gestión sustentable del recurso hídrico. Optimización multidimensional.

investigacion_mas_sobre Margarita

Dr. Nahuel Caruso

Investigador Asistente y Profesor de UNR

Becario Posdoctoral - CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Nahuel

Sr. Enrique Montero Bulacio

Becario Doctoral - CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Enrique

Lic. Luciano Ponzellini Marinelli


investigacion_mas_sobre Luciano

Ing. Nicolás Rigalli

Becario Doctoral - CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Nicolás

Dr. Martín Romagnoli

Investigador Asistente de CONICET y Profesor Titular de UNR

investigacion_mas_sobre Martín

Ing. Franco Trivisonno

Beca Interna de Finalización Doctorado

investigacion_mas_sobre Franco



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