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The application of high-throughput technologies in projects of life sciences generate exponential amounts of data, so that their nature and complexity inspired the development of new computational methods for the extraction and management of relevant biological information in order to achieve a more complete understanding of life, both at molecular and population levels. This technological context defines a new multidisciplinary field of research known as Bioinformatics. In the group we are interested in the development of algorithms and bioinformatics tools for the analysis, processing and managing of spectroscopy data, microarrays, molecular markers and high-throughput sequencing projects in the framework of basic and multidisciplinary biological research. Our work also in Bioinformatics also inspires the introduction of high-throughput technologies and data processing in Precision Agriculture in the context of the emerging research field known as Agroinformatics. Bioinformatics Design of multiclass classifiers based in error correcting codes for the analysis of biological data (data with noise and /or high dimensionality). Design of algorithms of automatic variable selection in biological data using measure sets (fuzzy integrals). Tests, adaptation and development of tools for the analysis of biological data of various types (sequences, expression, markers, spectroscopy) with emphasis in the use of machine learning techniques. Design of database in functional genomics projects. Design of DNA bar codes by means of error correcting codes. Precision Agriculture - Agroinformatics Development of ISOBUS technologies (hardware and software) for mass sensing of variables of agronomic interest.



Dr. Elizabeth Tapia

Investigate in Design of multiclass classifiers for processing microarray data using error correction codes. Stability of variable selection methods. Design of DNA barcodes based on error correction codes.

investigacion_mas_sobre Elizabeth

Mg. Laura Angelone

investigacion_mas_sobre Laura

Dra. Pilar Bulacio

Profesora Adjunta de UNR

investigacion_mas_sobre Pilar

Dr. José Coronel

investigacion_mas_sobre José

Ing. Joaquín Ezpeleta

Becario Doctoral - CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Joaquín

Lic. Biotecnología Ignacio García Labari

Becario Doctoral - ANPCyT

investigacion_mas_sobre Ignacio

Dra. Natalia Iglesias

Investigadora Asistente de CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Natalia

Dr. Javier Murillo

Investigador Asistente de CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Javier

Dr. Flavio Spetale

Investigador Asistente de CONICET

investigacion_mas_sobre Flavio



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